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WARNING: Corporate welfare subsidies are in the works in Orem

We need your help to stop a $63 million corporate welfare subsidy to the University Mall, called University Place. There are over 2,533 businesses in Orem. It's simply not fair, or a proper use of government to tax the smaller business at the gain of the larger ones. If there must be a tax it has to be fair and equal. So far, councilman Hans Andersen is the only one opposing this. Anyone would love to get out of paying $63 million in property taxes. However, pushing that burden on our neighbors is something I don't believe Orem residents would do.

If you would like to help obtain petition signatures, email me at matt@misbach.org.

Please sign this petition!

By signing this petition you are in favor of stopping the City Council vote on the creation of the Commercial Development Area (CDA) for the University Mall until the citizens have the opportunity to vote on it. If you live in Orem, please sign this petition so we all can vote on this rather than letting the City Council decide for us.